Feature:: Lavender Fields Stylized Session | East Marion Children’s Photographer

Just recently I had the amazing opportunity to shoot at Lavender By The Bay in East Marion, NY. My friend and colleague, Jen Rozenbaum of Jenerations asked if I would style her children for a session there and I jumped at the chance to not only shoot at a beautiful location, but being given creative control of the session’s styling.

Immediately after hearing the location of the session, one image came to mind of Bryan Peterson’s. It took me back to the days of when I pouring over books when I first started learning my camera (I still pour over books, it never ends!) and I was reading Understanding Exposure. I immediately pulled out the book and looked for a photo he took of his daughter in France, running through lavender fields with a violin. So you can say, the concept for the shoot was entirely spurred by his photo. I decided on light and delicate clothing for the session, long white dress for Jen’s daughter, and a white button down shirt and linen drawstring pants for her son. The look was pulled together by a flower halo and a boy’s trilby hat. Props included one of my chairs and of course, a violin I purchased off Amazon. For the full list and to view the Pinterest style board, please see links below.

T. and S. were incredible as always, I love the sibling connection between the two of them, and just watching them explore the fields and be in their own element was an amazing experience.

{Location} Lavender By the Bay, East Marion, NY.

{Clothing} T.’s Dress: Julianna Eyelet Ruffle Dress by dressbabybeautiful on Etsy, S.’s shirt provided by Jen, Linen Drawstring Pants by Island Importer.com

{Accessories} Flower Halo by Sillasoup on Etsy, Kids’ Trilby Stripe Band Hat from Crewcuts

{Props} Chair was from my collection, purchased at Home Goods last year, Violin purchased off Amazon

To view the Pinterest Style Board, click HERE

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danelle -

AMAZING–STUNNING–LOVE every one of them!

Carolina Strada -

Gorgeous! Breathtaking!

wordsbyirma -

I’m also from L.I. and love the place! I saw some of your photos on their page and cheerfully shared. Hope you don’t mind, got a lots of likes! Lovely pictures!