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You know what one of the really cool things about being a photographer is? I get to see and document parts of people’s lives that they may not notice at times. Life is busy, we’re running around, getting our kids ready and out the door for school, sports, dance, oh wait, what are we having for dinner? Oh yes, I’ll have to stop at the supermarket after Jane’s dentist appointment, Jack’s baseball practice, I need to get out that report for work…sound familiar? Photography plays so many roles in documenting our life and our children, but at times we forget to stop and remember what is going on in our lives at this very moment.

A few months back I posted a casting call for a family who would allow me into their home, and document their daily lives. You can call it “lifestyle” photography, but I don’t like to define it that way. It’s YOUR story. Plain and simple. Where you are right now, what your kids love to do, and telling it in pictures. That’s it. The M. family answered my casting call, and after speaking with Mom on the phone, I knew I was in for an amazing session. Three children, two boys and a girl, all with such distinct personalities. The day of the session, I walked in armed with just my camera and open eyes. I got to learn the art of video gaming, read a book, twirl with a ballerina, talk sports, watch a guitar lesson and jump on the bed. Oh and it ended with making lemonade. Seriously? How awesome is that? I wish all my days could be like that! And you know what? They are. I hope that we all can take the time to stop and savor every minute as we watch our family grow.

Thank you to the M. family, I hope I captured and told your story as honestly as it deserves to be.



amanda -

These are absolutely beyond beautiful!! I can’t even formulate additional sentences because I just keep scrolling up to look at the photos again and again!

Shira -

loooooooveee !!

Angela -

I love these. After seeing all of the images of the kids doing their own things, I adored seeing the three pairs of shoes together. Sums it all up. Great set!