Rock n’ Roll! | Glen Cove Children’s Photographer

It feels like I just finished the FFC session for July, but here we are now in October will a new session to feature! I have to just take a moment to say that  working with these kids and their families to style these sessions for them has been truly remarkable, I’ve been having so much fun and inspiration working on this project!

I know many are waiting on pins and needles for these photos, so I’ll get right to it!  😉

R. enjoys singing and acting, so I really wanted to make this session super fun for him, and it was incredible to watch him in his own element. He was nothing short of amazing, I can’t get over how much charisma he has in front of the camera! He reminds me so much of a young Michael Jackson, I have no doubt that his talents will take him so far in life. Keep reaching for the stars, and never stop dreaming!

A special thank you Angela as well, who assisted me on the day of the shoot with my many props and location spots, I couldn’t have done it without you!:)As always, a full list of the stylized session below, with a link to the Pinterest style board.

{Location} Welwyn Preserve

{Clothing} leather jacket, plaid shirt, London shirt, jeans and studded high top sneakers were by Zara Kids

{Accessories} black studded bracelets by 77Kids

{Props} Squier by Fender and microphone and stand purchased through Amazon

To view the Pinterest style board, click HERE



Angela -

So cool. R looks like a rock star.