Our Fresh Face(s) for April!

It really wouldn’t be me if I didn’t meet a challenge head on, so for this installment of my Fresh Faces Campaign I decided to work with not only one child, but two! Please meet J. and G. my two Fresh Faces for April! My focus for this session will draw upon sibling interaction, while remaining true to both their personalities and passions. I’m so excited to begin working with them, I have big plans in store!

G. is sensitive, artistically gifted, and a beautiful soul with a flair for the dramatic. J. is shy and sweet, with a playful sense of humor. I can’t wait to see what unveils during the session with them!

I had many so many wonderful applicants to choose from which made it a very hard decision, but please remember that if you submitted your child for the Fresh Faces Campaign, it does roll over into my next installment during the summer!