The Beginnings of Independence

One of the most fascinating things to me when I work with children is being able to witness the beginnings of independence.  Shining a light on those simple moments that sometimes we don’t realize. Independence is shown in an action (like the first time we pull ourselves up in our cribs) or thinking (“My favorite animal is the elephant, but I don’t like the circus because they keep the animals in cages”), and watching our children develop their own distinct personalities through it, is a celebration to me.

I recently worked with the S. family, who together are full of love, spontaneity and playfulness, and are just as remarkable as individuals. I am grateful for the opportunity to have gotten to know them and to be a part of it.



Shira Zimmerman -

Beautiful! So you and so awesome :) Really love the family shot and the hallway shots!

Jennifer Wenz Wojtusiak -

Thank you Shira!! xo

Lia Londono Diaz -

Beautiful Jenn. Love them!

Jennifer Wenz Wojtusiak -

Thank you, Lia! :)

Stacey Kaufmann -

Took my breath away – just lovely!

Jennifer Wenz Wojtusiak -

Thank you Stacey! :)