Modern Medieval Times

I’m very excited to blog this latest installment of my Fresh Faces Campaign (aka “FFC”)! In truth, I have learned so much about myself and my photography since I started this campaign last year. The FFC was to serve as a launching ground for my new initiative, and it has grown and evolved by leaps and bounds since I shot the first session in July of last year. The process is simple. I find out the dreams, passions and interests of the children I work with, and I build upon it. Since the focus is so personal and unique to each child, I found myself asking “Can I do this with siblings?” I decided for this round, I wanted to work with siblings, and see if I can bring their interests to life through images. I decided that focusing on the sibling interaction, would be the best way to reveal it.

G. and J. were my perfect models. I discovered that they love to pretend play, G. would be a princess and J. would be a hero coming to her rescue! G. is described as sensitive, artistically gifted, and a beautiful soul with a flair for the dramatic. J. is shy and sweet, with a playful sense of humor. I really wanted this session to build upon their imaginative play, but I wanted evoke strength and independence as well. I decided on a modern twist on Medieval Times, G. was a royal heroine, and J. a brave knight. And man, did they deliver, complete with a spontaneous duel at the end! The excitement they had the day of the session was contagious. I was so giddy that I was up at 5 AM and couldn’t go back to sleep!

Mother Nature had tricked us, however. There was no rain in the forecast and by the time we made the 10 minute hike to the site of the shoot, it started to drizzle. G., J. and their parents were beyond amazing, braving the weather with me. Victory!


{Location} The Ruins at Muttontown Preserve/Equestrian Center

{Clothing} G.’s dress: Holly by Pale Cloud, shoes by Michael Kors. J.’s sweater: About Face by Nui Organics, Waxed Jeans by 3 Pommes, boots by Medieval Collectibles

{Accessories} G.’s headpiece and filigree bracelets by BizArtGallery on Etsy

{Props} Children’s Bamboo Bow and Arrow set and Wooden Sword/Shield sets purchased on Etsy

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Eileen O'Gara Linzer -

this is AMAZING!

Sarah Austin Lehberger -

Genious! So creative and special for this family, and I love how you bring out their dreams! Great job!

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Thank you Shira! xoxo

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Thank you Eileen! :)

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Thanks Sarah! They were pretty amazing! :)

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Amazing Jenn I love them!

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Love these pictures! They are simply stunning.

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Love this! When you shoot our kids! :)

Ashley Kester -

Meant to say when can you shoot our kids. :) @[1237103303:2048:Jennifer Wenz Wojtusiak]

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Anytime! I’m hoping soon :)

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I LOVE them! so beautiful.

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thank u, @[1365146003:2048:Nu Edmonds]!!! xo