Unbound Chapters

Last week I conducted a webinar for photographers and in my presentation, I discussed my “signature” products, products that are near and dear to me, that I feel represent me and my brand. After four and a half years of selling countless product, I came to the conclusion that what I really wanted my clients to have were the edited digital pictures (and really, in this day and age, who doesn’t want that?) and a tangible item that they can touch and feel, and most importantly, preserve for their children for years to come.

Insert H.H. Boogie, the brainchild of Jeremy Kester. I met Jeremy through Facebook and the minute I saw his products, I was Hooked. Yes, “Hooked” with a capital “H”…line and sinker. That was it for me. I didn’t want to sell anything else. At the core of H.H. Boogie, is your story. Every H.H. Boogie box is offered to protect and tell it for your family, handcrafted for generations to come. We call them “Unbound” albums or chapters, because when you have fine art, you don’t stitch or glue it together. You take it out, and relive those moments one piece at a time. You can hang it on your wall, give it to family or friends, or keep it collected in these beautifully handcrafted Amish-made boxes. Like any story of family, you start out with a strong outer tradition (the box), the gentle protective nature we have for our family and children (the fabric and wraps), as it gets more delicate at the core, and you end with the fine art prints that show your story, that will age and wear with time.

When your children come home from college, what will you have for them from their childhood? Something that they can too, pass on to their children? I’m not concerned with the here and now, I’m concerned with twenty years from now.

In this blog post, I’m featuring the Evan box. This is what I gift all my clients who book a Signature session with me. It’s an “Unbound Chapter” that holds a special moment in time.



Each piece is handcrafted, so every pit and knot makes it all that more unique.


Nestled inside, you will find 3 corked glass vials to collect little items from the session to hold as a reminder of this moment in time, a USB Flash Drive with all the edited high resolution files, and a set of 4×6 archival matte prints from the session wrapped in repurposed fabric.



“Binding says the story is over, and yet your story is still being written.”


The Evan fits one session perfectly, and many after receiving this will become collectors of other Boogie boxes. For those looking for boxes that give them the ability to “add to” their stories over the years, The Nostalgia Collection Kit and the unbound album series, The Christianne, The Unbound, The Heirloom and The Montana all offer heirloom preservation for your photographs to pass on to generations. They are time capsules, meant to be cultivated through the years.

I’ll be featuring each box in their own separate blog posts, as each one is so unique and beautiful. I can’t wait to share each one! I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments! Be sure to post below or drop me a line!