Learning to Live Life Spontaneously

Ok, so let’s face it: as moms, we are super busy, multi-tasking and constantly on the move. We’ve got things to do, places to go, and specific times to adhere to. It’s a part of life, I get it. However, I’m always worried about looking back on my life when my kids were young and saying to myself “I wish I could have just…PAUSED.” To be able to enjoy our moments as they come, because that is what life is made up of, moments. In truth, I find it much easier to be spontaneous with my clients than it is at home. Every day, I’m actively trying to live my life more spontaneously and I’m getting better. It’s something I strive for, I’m a mom going through it, just like everyone else.

I recently had a session with my friend Jen Rozenbaum and her kids, T. & S. One thing I can say that I admire so much about my friend is that she lives by taking things in stride, and I look up to her for that. During the session, it was definitely high energy and chaotic at times (much like life, right?), but what does she decide to do? Jump in the shot with them of course! I LOVE this about her. Working with Jen and her family, really helped me learn to let go and embrace those moments in my own life as well.

2013-10-21_008 copy

And there it is. A stamp in time. A perfect shot of what her life as a mom looks like now. Who would want to change that at all?! Not me!

In keeping with family tradition, S. decided this year he wanted to be a Doctor/Rocket Scientist for the first part of the session (last year, he was a super hero:)). LOVE his independent nature!

2013-10-21_001 copy

2013-10-21_002 copy

2013-10-21_003 copy

2013-10-21_004 copy

You know that moment, when you look at your kids and think they’re still your “babies”, then they turn to you and give you such a look that stabs you in heart and makes you realize…they are just. Growing. Up. Too. Fast? Yeah. THAT.

2013-10-21_005 copy

2013-10-21_006 copy

2013-10-21_007 copy

So let’s do this together, and learn to live our lives right NOW. Let’s celebrate and embrace those spontaneous moments. The dishes will still be there, I promise. 😉







Amanda Picone -

Love does not even begin to describe it. Beautiful images that perfectly capture their personalities. Gorgeous work, as always!!

Amanda-lee Seely -

love these kids…

Jennifer Goldberg Rozenbaum -

Holy tears. Trying to type through them. Sniffle.

The crazy thing is, as much as I have thanked you for the photos. I want to thank you even more for the blog. It allowed me some to sit and absorb the photos and remember the moments of that hectic day. Truth is, I try SO hard to absorb every moment I have with them… but it still goes by so quickly. Too quickly. It’s so bittersweet to watch your children grow up. I am so thrilled that you are able to capture these moments for me. No matter how big my kids gets – these photos will still be there to remind me of the amazing childhood we have shared together. Thank you Jen. I love you.