Staying True to Yourself

A funny thing happened when I was planning this shoot. This is was probably my most relaxed Fresh Faces session. I knew I wanted inspired vintage clothing, a child who had red hair with freckles and I planned on shooting the entire session with my Lensbaby Edge 80 optic, which is a fun lens to spark some creativity and a different look for my work. You know, playful! I wanted this to be fun, my last hurrah for the year before I go on maternity leave.

The minute RM’s photo dropped in my inbox I felt like I was meant to photograph her. With amazing curly red hair (her “thing” her mom called it, which I LOVED how she embraced that part of her) and freckles, she was the perfect fit and I knew it instantly.

FCCOct13_007 copy

RM taught me something that I didn’t realize until I got around to editing the session. What really struck me about her was how much she embraced her special features, and about staying true to herself. In going through these images during the editing process, it dawned on me that my original goal for the session to be playful was completely off. How can this be, when even one of my pillar words is playful?! In all honesty, I struggled with finding this word in my work often. It shouldn’t be that difficult to find. If it doesn’t come organically then it’s not the right fit. Don’t get me wrong, you may see it at times, but it’s more spontaneous than playful to me. There was something missing and I needed to stay true to myself, even if it meant having to change.

The word that was missing was whimsical. I feel deeply rooted in this word, and I think it’s a huge part of who I am and it reflects in my work. It’s always there, just like my independent nature I want to show and celebrate in the children I photograph. I think I’m drawn to working with older kids is that I want them to know that they can embrace their childhood (because let’s face it, our kids grow up way too fast), without having to risk that level of maturity and respect they crave and deserve. That being whimsical and a dreamer isn’t immature or a bad thing. Playing dress up and daydreaming can go beyond princess dresses and fairytales.

FCCOct13_010 copy

So there it is. I needed to change and own it. And you know what? It’s no biggie. You learn, you change, and you move on. If something doesn’t work, you will know it and you can fix it. You have that power. Staying true to yourself is something that no one can take away from you besides YOU. I want to thank RM for showing me this. What I love about my job is not only that I get to work with these incredible kids, but I walk away a better person from these sessions as well, learning more each and every day.

FCCOct13_001 copy

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{Location} Caumsett Historic State Park Preserve

{Clothing} Ruffle Knickers, Bridgette Blouse and Ivory Finecord Newsboy by Eden’s Bouquet. Leighton Military Boots by Joyfolie.

{Props} Antique rust color train case from my own collection.

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Colleen Boyle Patafio -

gorgeous – as always jen!! my two favorites: the black & white peeking through her curls & the the one where she’s leaning against a black door. the outfit is perfect and she’s a natural beauty! gorgeous.

Jennifer Goldberg Rozenbaum -

Youzilla!! Fabulous!

Lauren Trantham Dahn -


Julie Watts -

I love where you went with this session! RAD