Ignore the Labels

It’s no secret that I hate cleaning. I even wrote on my About Me page on my website that I have to watch Hoarders to motivate myself to clean. A few friends suggested I blog about my trials and tribulations in my quest to embrace something that makes me break out in hives. So here under a brand new category entitled “Cleaning tips for chicks who hate to clean” I will be sharing my words of wisdom with those who are just like me (I know you’re out there, don’t deny it).

Cleaning tip for chicks who hate to clean No. 01:

If it fits in the machine, it’s machine washable. There I said it.


(Note the wooden spoon, very important for ensuring every square inch of your machine is covered.)

Disclaimer: This is for humor purposes only, please don’t send me your bills when you break your washing machine. I haven’t broken mine yet by the way, it’s takes a lot of skill and practice. Just sayin’.