Can I hug your inbox?

I’m a hugger. Just a warning, when you meet me, it’s not a handshake, it’s a hug you’re gonna get from me. Okay, maybe a handshake to break the ice, but when we part, it’s definitely hugging time. Really.

Since I love to hug on things, this week I launched a little “inbox love” so that I can keep everyone up to date on the latest and greatest, as well as spreading the love on some awesome tips and favorite products I come across here and there. My goal is to share things that can simplify and make daily life for us parents a little easier cause really, who’s got time for complicated?! I’m hoping for once a month mailings, but even I have commitment issues with that so it may be bi-monthly. Be sure to sign up to be in the know, I *may* have even dropped a little Spring savings goodness in my first love note and shared a must-have children’s book I came across that you can view here!

You can sign up on my Facebook page next to the contact me box or through this form.

As always, I’d love to hear your feedback! I look forward to hugging your inbox (and just think, the next time we meet in person, it so won’t be awkward! 😉 ).