Who’s In Your Support System?

Support Systems. We all need these, and if you’re sitting there reading this asking, “Is this a new app for my iPhone?” then please for the love of Nutella, sit down and read this. Better yet, go get some Nutella and come back to read this. I’ll wait.

You good? Good.

Support systems are vital to human beings, just as much as water, shelter and sleep. A support system is what makes you push harder through this massive thing we call life, and it pulls you back from the edge right when you need it. You know what it’s made of? Other human beings. That’s right. In this crazy world, there is another person (or persons) who make up your support system. They are they for you during your highest highs and your lowest lows, and they love you just the same. And guess what? You do the same for them and you do it unconditionally. Our first support systems are usually our family members: our parents, husbands, wives, etc. Our support system can grow outside of family and include close friends and/or relatives. You can have a small one, or a really huge one. But you need one. If you’re reading this and have just one person pop into your mind that is always there for you and you always there for them, then you’re good. Nourish, grow, and above all, respect and protect that support system because it is a key to your sanity.

I wanted to take the time to blog about one person in particular who is in mine. It took me 9 months to blog her family session, but I know she doesn’t mind because she’s a photographer, mom and wife too, so she gets it. I photographed my dear friend Amanda-lee Seely of Fleur-de-lees Photography  and her beautiful family this past October. Seely is someone you want in your corner, period. She is supportive, honest and fiercely loyal. She manages that fine line between kicking your ass and dusting you off with a pat on the back. Basically, she doesn’t take any of my crap and I love her for it. It has been and will always be an honor to photograph her with her family. A special thank you to her, for being such a vital part of my support system, and I hope that we get to grow, respect and protect it for many many years!

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