Christmas in July!

I know what you’re thinking.

“Seriously, Jen?! I haven’t even had the chance to do my awesome ‘Sound of Music’ rendetion through the aisles of Target yet for back to school, and here you are making me think of holiday photos?!”

Yes, because if you are anything like me, I wait until the absolute last minute to take care of things. Once school starts it’s a hazy blur of uniforms, No. 2 pencils and whatever I could throw together for dinner. Once Halloween hits, we enter into the “chocolate coma” (don’t lie, you know you sneak some of your kid’s candy stash when they’re not looking too) and we wake up and it’s the week we should have sent out our holiday cards, and suddenly we start wondering if we could get away with doing New Year’s cards this year.

So let’s tick one thing off the list before we head back to school, and for a limited time enjoy a $50 exclusive savings when you book your fall holiday session this month!  Full details are below and you can reserve your spot by contacting me here.