Love Knows No Boundaries

It’s a remarkable thing to see our children grow, to watch them come into their own, their endless curiosity and boundless imagination. Time flies fast. When we’re in the thick of it, it may not seem that way, but sure enough, one day we’re standing there questioning where all that time went, and we wonder if our kids will ever truly know how deep of a love we have for them. We worry if we are doing this parenting thing right, and if they will grow into independent, respectful and compassionate individuals. The fact that we worry if we’re being a good parent is proof that we are. We are enough. It boils down to one thing: Love. Our worth as parents is not measured by how many PTA meetings we can attend or if we feel guilty about throwing a packet of Goldfish in their lunches. Our children love us unconditionally. They love fiercely. We can learn a lot from them.

Change begins with our children. Show them that Love is Love and that it knows no boundaries. Love yourself, love your family, love your fellow human beings. With love in hearts, we can change the world. We are all in this together.

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