Meaningful Ties

One thing I always ask my clients when we’re discussing possible locations for the photo session is if there is a particular location that holds special meaning to them. While it doesn’t have to be specific, choosing a location that represents you as a family will make the images that much more personal. I find that choosing location (next to deciding what to wear) is something people get hung up on a lot. My answer to this is to pick a place that has meaning to you, but keep it simple. It can be an exact location, or general assessment (for example, you love the beach, I’m pretty certain any beach setting would do unless there is a specific beach you frequent and would like photos taken at). I know it sounds easier than done, but this is a great starting off point. If you ask yourself, “What do we as a family most enjoy doing together?” you’d be surprised at the possibilities that you can come up with. Please take this a guideline, however, I have many conversations with my clients and stress that the location does not make or break your photos. Your family will be who you are whether we shoot in the woods, on the streets of your hometown or in your own living room. It doesn’t change the feeling and emotions behind each image. While it may seem daunting, the process of choosing the details should be fun and something to be excited about. The more you plan ahead, the less stressful the day of will be and we can just focus on being together and taking some amazing photos.

The Planting Fields in Oyster Bay hold a special meaning to the M. Family, Mom and Dad had their wedding photos taken there, and our shoot was scheduled right before their anniversary. We had a lot of fun recreating some shots in certain spots that they took from their special day! Of course, I couldn’t help myself from snapping a few of just Mom and Dad. It is so important to take photos with your partner as well, it’s something that we don’t do nearly as often as parents. Before the kids, it was just the two of you, so take a moment to celebrate your bond together.

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Colleen Boyle Patafio -

beautiful work. beautiful family!