Be Present

As parents, day in and day out we are asked to divide our time. Responsibilities of “adulting” are demanding, and we try our best to multi-task our jobs, family and social life (I’m still trying with this one to be honest!). To me, having a photography session is more than just about the images that it produces. It’s TIME. Time to be present with our family, no phones, no daily grind, no boss to answer to. For that one to two hours, I am going to ask you to be present. Give yourself the permission to think back to the time when you were a child and let it go. Be free with your children and your spouse. It’s not about how much time, it’s about what you choose to do with that time. I promise the responsibilities will still be there when we’re done, whether it’s a deadline at work or the dishes in the sink. It’s time you give yourself the break you deserve.

The M. Family is a perfect example of my passion to capture families in their natural state. I didn’t need to ask them, they just WERE. The minute I got off the phone with Mom during our pre-session consultation, I knew I was in for an AH-mazing photo shoot with this family. She proudly declared “We REALLY love candid shots” (hello, SCORE) which is music to this photographer’s ears. We picked Central Park as the location for our shoot for it’s breathtaking scenery, but I have to say, it seriously pales in comparison to how dynamic and spirited this family is together. It was really hard picking favorites from the session to feature, because I loved every image from our shoot. For that brief time we spent together, it seemed the world faded away and they were present for each other in their most natural and honest way.

Thank you to the M. Family for sharing with me every joyous moment!

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