Unexpected Traditions

I’m finally getting around to blogging my sessions from Fall and I’m always excited to share my friend Jen Rozenbaum’s family session! It’s become an unexpected tradition where we photograph the family on the steps of her front door, and what gets me every year is that despite having the same location and backdrop, the photos are always different, simply because they’ve grown as individuals and a family. I know I can always count on getting the traditional shot, but the silliness and spontaneity is what I will always cherish seeing. It’s what makes up their family dynamic, where they can be themselves and perfectly at ease.

After our front door shots, we take the kids over to a nearby park so I can photograph them together and individual shots. These are my favorites. Capturing them coming into their own, and every single year it blows me away. It always amazing to witness.

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Home for the Holidays

There is something about this time of year that really instills the need of being home for the holidays. “Home” can mean different things to different people, but nonetheless, this time of year really shows us the importance of family, love, kindness and belonging wherever we are.

I’m always excited when I get to photograph in my client’s homes. To see where they come home from a long day and rest their feet, build their memories as a family and to capture their sense of belonging is something to treasure. It’s my most favorite type of sessions, and I look forward to continuing this throughout the year.

Thank you to the wonderful B. Family, who welcomed and shared with me what being home means to them.

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Why You Should Wear Your Favorite Perfume for a Hot Date with Your Laundry Basket

When I was little, I remember vividly my Grandmother’s dresser holding her various beauty items, one being her favorite bottle of perfume, Beautiful by Estee Lauder. I was fascinated by beauty products, and one day asked her about her perfume.

“I love this perfume. I wear it on special occasions.” My Grandmother told me.

“Why do you only wear it on special occasions, Grandma?” I asked her.

“Because I want to save it.” She replied.

Years later, my Grandmother passed away. I remember looking at her dresser, left exactly how she liked to keep it, and there was her bottle of Beautiful perfume, at least 3/4ths full. I remember thinking to myself then about how many “special occasions” my Grandmother missed, and will never be able to have now that she’s gone.

I’m sure my Grandmother’s definition of a special occasion would be the obvious: dinner out, a family party or wedding, etc. She saved her beloved perfume that made her happy for these moments. This really struck me, looking at her almost full perfume bottle.

How many opportunities of happiness do we let us slip by in our lives? Why do we save things for special occasions if they make us happy here and now? Why can’t we enjoy them in this moment?


I believe in wearing your expensive perfume every day because every day is a special occasion, the littlest things should be celebrated because you deserve to be happy.

Let me be clear, this isn’t about the perfume, or any inanimate object for that matter, it’s about how those things make you feel. It’s about doing things you’d normally save for a special occasion just because it makes you happy. It’s about giving yourself permission to love yourself and not save it for when you feel you deserve it. You deserve it Every. Day.

I love my perfume as well, just like my Grandmother did. I wear it all the time, even if I just have a hot date with the laundry basket simply because it makes me happy. If your jam is red lipstick, then do me a favor and whip that out right now, put it on and attack your electric bill like the diva you are. Make today a special occasion and let’s stop saving for moments that might never come. Wear that lipstick down to the nub, and I will proudly display my empty perfume bottle. And when those are done, we’ll buy another, and another, until we have only empty containers to show as proof of our worthiness.

How many empty bottles do you want own?



Love Is…

Love is…connecting with clients. It is the most wonderful feeling when you connect with your clients that they are more than just that, they become friends. They text you the day after your session with them to tell you how much fun they had, and how comfortable I made their children feel. They tell you that the session was the most relaxing atmosphere, and that they can’t wait to see the photos. To me, it just doesn’t get any better than that. Huge. Epic. WIN.

Thank you to the amazing C. Family, it is and will always be an honor to share this experience with you.

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Love Knows No Boundaries

It’s a remarkable thing to see our children grow, to watch them come into their own, their endless curiosity and boundless imagination. Time flies fast. When we’re in the thick of it, it may not seem that way, but sure enough, one day we’re standing there questioning where all that time went, and we wonder if our kids will ever truly know how deep of a love we have for them. We worry if we are doing this parenting thing right, and if they will grow into independent, respectful and compassionate individuals. The fact that we worry if we’re being a good parent is proof that we are. We are enough. It boils down to one thing: Love. Our worth as parents is not measured by how many PTA meetings we can attend or if we feel guilty about throwing a packet of Goldfish in their lunches. Our children love us unconditionally. They love fiercely. We can learn a lot from them.

Change begins with our children. Show them that Love is Love and that it knows no boundaries. Love yourself, love your family, love your fellow human beings. With love in hearts, we can change the world. We are all in this together.

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