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Love Knows No Boundaries

It’s a remarkable thing to see our children grow, to watch them come into their own, their endless curiosity and boundless imagination. Time flies fast. When we’re in the thick of it, it may not seem that way, but sure enough, one day we’re standing there questioning where all that time went, and we wonder […]

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Things We Can Learn from the “Everyday”

I love doing in-home sessions. Love love love them. I think the most cherished moments we have as parents come from the “everyday” stuff that we do. Those moments that shape our children’s lives are the sweetest memories. I recently had the pleasure of photographing the C. family in their home and got a glimpse […]

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Time to FOCUS

I show parents how to love their child’s independence by celebrating individuality, spontaneity and fearless imagination. I just happen to use a camera to do it. Cameras can be intimidating little (or big) things. Heavy with all these buttons and dials, it’s no wonder as parents we want to capture every moment in our kid’s […]

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