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Why You Should Wear Your Favorite Perfume for a Hot Date with Your Laundry Basket

When I was little, I remember vividly my Grandmother’s dresser holding her various beauty items, one being her favorite bottle of perfume, Beautiful by Estee Lauder. I was fascinated by beauty products, and one day asked her about her perfume. “I love this perfume. I wear it on special occasions.” My Grandmother told me. “Why […]

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Who’s In Your Support System?

Support Systems. We all need these, and if you’re sitting there reading this asking, “Is this a new app for my iPhone?” then please for the love of Nutella, sit down and read this. Better yet, go get some Nutella and come back to read this. I’ll wait. You good? Good. Support systems are vital […]

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Life is not a matter of Milestones, but of Moments

One day last week, my daughter was off to school and I had just put my son down for his morning nap, I sat down at my dining room table to enjoy a quiet morning to finish my (now cold) cup of coffee and my secret stash of Nutella on toast (yes, I have my own […]

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